Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good News for the Dems: Toomey is way ahead of Specter in the Polls

Check out this latest news post from the Post-Gazette:

Quinnipiac is usually rather accurate in PA. If this holds up it should be good news for the Democrats. Although Specter has a major battle within his own party because of the bailout, he is respected by the general election voters. The word is Franco Harris is going to take a run at the Democratic nomination. Assuming his political style is a bit different than his running style, he should be an interesting candidate. As a runner he avoided contact and headed for the side line. As a political candidate he will need to face things head on. On the other hand, we all know he can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat e.g. "it's snatched out of the air....Franco Harris is going for the touchdown". His TV ads should be good. All he needs are clips of the Immaculate Reception, perhaps the most recognized play in the history of sports. I wonder if his flyers will have a picture of him standing next to the statue in Greater Pittsburgh Airport.

As a political novice, he would have a difficult time going against a long time senator like Specter. Going against Toomey should be a different story. Franco will have better name recognition, the support of Obama who Franco campaigned for heavily, and the ability to raise lots of money. Against Specter he would be going against a moderate Republican who is respected by Democrats. Specter would get the Republican vote as well as some of the Democrats.

Toomey on the other hand, is a conservative Republican. We saw what happened when Casey ran against the incumbent, right winger, Santorum. Franco should be in a stronger position than Casey was. He will not be going against an incumbent, and he will be flying the flag of the party in power. Franco might be able to chip away at part of the T, while easily carrying Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

This should be a very interesting race.

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