Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Ride

The highlights of today's ride were Pittsburgh's greatest view and taking advantage of the ride through one of the city's nicest parks. We went through the Southside as Carson Street became 51. After a left through the Corliss Tunnel we got our first nice climb of the ride. Nice is a matter of perspective. It was nice when we hit the peak. A few minutes earlier some may have disagreed. The climb changes from long and steady to quite steep by the end. Just as you are ready to curse the idiot who made you climb like this before you were ready, you see this incredible view (upper right) of the city unfold before you.
Looking across the Ohio we could see the Observatory in Riverview Park on the Northside peak. We thought "Why Not." Actually Will said "why not." So we headed back down to 51, through the Rocks, back across the river - the Ohio not the Mon, and began ourclimb to the Obesrvatory. Surprisingly the view from there isn't so great. No question though, the ride was great.

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