Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Ride

If the last two weekends are any indication Lou's Crew is starting a new tradition for the 2009 cycling season. Coffee has always been a big part of the Crew, with rides generally starting and ending at Coffee Tree in Squirrel Hill. The last two Sundays we have stopped for mid-ride coffee breaks. Today everyone enjoyed very much the break for warm caffeinated treats on a sunny, but cold morning. For most of us it was the first time that we had sampled Big Dog Coffee. This is a really nice coffee house located just off of Carson Street on the Southside near Southside Works The address is 2717 Sarah Street.
Big Dog is located in an old restored house. In the front room there are comfortable over stuffed chairs. A back room has tables and chairs. A door off of the back room leads to a nice deck and a ramp to the back alley and Carson Street.

We parked our bikes on the back deck. I took a look at all the bikes on the deck and realized what an amazing turn out we had for an early season ride on cold holiday morning. Our ride roughly followed the old Pittsburgh marathon course.
We started at 5th and Beechwood which is roughly the 15 mile point of the marathon. We tooled through all the neighborhoods. Since there was no traffic on Sunday morning we were able to go through the normally busy streets without fear of bad drivers. Unfortunately it did not cover up the fact that our city streets are pothole riddled. As a follow up to yesterday's ride here is a link to the KDKA video and story on the cycling tribute to the fallen officers. Look carefully and you will see several Lou's Crew members:

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