Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lou's Crew Rides

As more people are riding, we have people at different levels with different goals. Generally the Sunday ride is the true Lou's Crew ride. The ride length and difficulty will be dictated by who shows up. The ride will always be a No Rider Left Behind (NRLB) ride.
People who are looking for a more challenging ride have started to ride on Saturday. Saturday rides tend to be faster, longer and more challenging (FLC). We also do some rides after work and particularly on Friday afternoons/early evenings. On occasion some of us suffering from DSB (deadly sperm build-up) will engage in a hammerhead, leave it all on the road ride. We will try to label rides with these initials and the approximate mileage we will try to complete. Remember the overall goal is to get everyone ready to do back to back 75 mile rides in time for the July State College ride. The other goal is for everyone to have fun and enjoy cycling. By taking note of the type of ride that is planned you will have your best chance of enjoying the ride and getting better.

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