Sunday, May 03, 2009

World's Cutest Campaign Mailing For Christine Stone: The Best Candidate for School Board District 1

This is the best campaign mailing I've ever seen. It was sent out in Support of Christine Stone, a candidate for City of Pittsburgh School Board Director in District 1. Christine and her family worked very hard on the Obama campaign. They were so involved that they were invited to meet President Obama the day of the rally shortly before the Presidential election. President Obama spent considerable time with Christine's two daughters. Perhaps they reminded him of his own daughters. Lily is seen here handing President Obama a handmade campaign sign that she made for him. He really liked it. Now Lily wanted to make a campaign postcard for her mom. So she took her picture with Senator Casey and President Obama and wrote a note about her mom. Lily is a very smart young girl. Her mom happens to be the best candidate for the job.

. Christine is uniquely qualified to be the District 1 school board director. For nearly a decade, she has been an outspoken advocate for women, children and families. And as an accountant, she brings fiscal knowledge with an eye towards government accountability.

After her public school education, Christine worked full-time as a legal assistant to put herself through college. She graduated from Chatham University with a degree in Accounting. Christine has extensive background in the area of government funded programs and has helped the federal government recover millions of dollars in fraud and abuse.

Christine currently serves as the State Public Affairs Chair of Pennsylvania for the National Council of Jewish Women. For nearly a decade, she has spoken out on behalf of women, children and families. Most recently, she has been part of a nationwide task force to conceptualize a new advocacy program that addresses economic justice to combat domestic violence. From working to expand S-CHIP for children and mothers to working for minority access to health care, and to moving fair pay for women into law, Christine has been passionate about her volunteer efforts. In 2008, Christine received the “Emerging Leader Award”. Christine will use her public policy background to be an advocate for the students and parents of District 1.

The most direct impact a school board member can have for us is in regard to fiscal responsibility. Christine’s background as an accountant, property owner, parent and long time city resident make her uniquely qualified. She has dedicated herself for many years to better our community through volunteerism to further the interests of women and children and support worthy candidates. To learn more visit her website:


Lady Elaine said...

Geez, Pittsburgh Guy, take it easy or we might think you are in love.

Pittsburgh Guy said...


I am, with Obama. Bob Casey is okay in my book too. Please don't tell my wife. Lady Elaine, I hope I can trust you with the secret.